PD3200U Designer Monitor reviewed by Sebastian Schmidt (Uber Eck)

About Sebastian Schmidt

Sebastian Schmidt is one of three owners of “Uber Eck”, a creative, design and animation studio in the heart of Munich (Bavaria, Germany). Uber Eck produces 2D and 3D animation films with great enthusiasm and attention to detail. Ideas become conceptional leading to storyboards, Uber Eck designs entire worlds and characters, always with the aim of giving every animation the necessary flow.


100% Colorfast in Rec.709 and SRG

Sebastian Schmidt tested the PD3200U in his daily work life. In his review Video he talks about the key features of the 32′′ UHD designer Monitor. The PD3200U is pre calibrated and Technicolor certified, the monitor covers 100% of the most important color spaces like Rec.709 and sRGB. He particularly likes the Hotkey Puck, with which he can easily switch between the different, self-selected modes. The highlight for Sebastian is the KVM Switch, where you can work with two computers at the same time and switch from one computer to another in no time.


The Dual-View Mode of PD3200U (SRGB / Animation)


Sebastian’s Conclusion

The PD3200U was the right decision and he doesn’t want to miss it anymore, because it shows colors that you can trust. The 4K resolution and the handy features are well suited for every day work and motion creation.


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