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SW271 Video Review by Marcelo Isarrualde – High Color Fidelity

SW271 Video Review

Photographer Marcelo Isarrualde presents his insights to the graphic monitor SW271. The in-depth Video review concludes: Isarrualde trusts the reliable color performance of the BenQ SW271! Espically while retouching advertising images for a new cooking program. Considering the photos include colorful fruits, walls, and clothing, the high color fidelity is of great significance and makes a big difference. Have a look at the video to get an insight into the workflow of an expert.

BenQ Monitor for Photographers: SW271

About Marcelo Isarrualde

Currently working in Spain, Marcelo Isarrualde is a fashion, portrait and architecture photographer born in Uruguay. Moreover he is a Profoto Brand Ambassador since Janurary 2019. Which represents the leading company in the professional photography in the lightining sector.

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expert studio benq expert studio

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