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SW271 Video Review about Portrait Photography – by Marcelo Isarrualde

SW271 Monitor – Portrait Photography skills

Marcelo Isarrualde uses the BenQ SW271 to speed up his Portrait photography workflow. He did a group photoshoot plus individual shots of each team member in only 15 minutes, using the quick transmission of the USB-C port and the fast accessible control buttons to adjust brightness and contrast of the preview to get the perfect Portrait Shoot. Watch the video, to experience the swift process of a professional photoshoot.

BenQ Monitor for Photographers: SW271

About Marcelo Isarrualde

Currently working in Spain, Marcelo Isarrualde is a fashion, portrait and architecture photographer born in Uruguay. Since last January he is a Profoto Brand Ambassador, leading company in the professional photography lighting sector.

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expert studio benq expert studio

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