Marcelo Isarrualde is an Uruguayan photographer, who highly appreciates the high color standard of the SW270C. The BenQ monitor delivers the required realism and color accuracy for retouching professional images.

Marcelo Isarrualdo relied on BenQ products before, but while testing the new SW270C, he experienced the advantages of the USB-C port for the first time. Now you can transfer images and other files in high speed while simultaneously charging your device, using only one cable. But that’s not the only feature that eased his workflow tremendously: The 16-bit LUT and the Delta E < 2 provide smooth color transitions and display a large variety of shades and tones.

Every BenQ monitor comes with its own calibration report, to ensure high quality color accuracy.

Since Marcelo Isarrualde often reproduces pieces of art for museums, galleries and artists, his work depends on color accuracy and sharpness to deliver the best results.

To provide a realistic color representation, the SW270C displays color spaces according to industry standards.

Experts of photography use the SW270C and benfit from its Uniformity technology for color accuracy on the whole.

Furthermore the SW270C took the next step in color technology with the introduction of the Uniformity and Brightness technologies.  These technologies create a consistent viewing experience on the whole screen, from corner to corner.

His most liked feature is Gamut Duo. With Gamut Duo, two different color spaces can be compared on the same monitor. Using this feature, Isarrualde ensures consistent colors for web and print versions of his images. Another helpful aspect is the Hotkey Puck, which allows swift navigation through options and presets.

Overall, Marcelo Isarrualde’s need for reliable color perfomance is completely satisfied, thanks to the new BenQ SW270.

Marcelo Isarrualde utilizes the Hotkey Puck of the SW270C to switch quickly through useful features and settings

BenQ Monitor for Photographers: SW270C

About Marcelo Isarrualde

Currently working in Spain, Marcelo Isarrualde is a fashion, portrait and architecture photographer born in Uruguay. Since last January he is a Profoto Brand Ambassador, leading company in the professional photography lighting sector.

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