The YouTuber Maex reviewed the BenQ DesignVue monitor PD3200U in his video.

About Maex

Maximilian Hennebach alias Maex is a designer and video creator from Dresden, Germany. Since 2015, he owns a YouTube channel which focusses on tutorials about UI/UX design, freelancing and the life of a designer. As a designer he wants to craft long-term solutions for people and their work life. Thus, his work is not just about jumping into sketch but rather to come up with a game changing solution.

YouTuber Maex tested the PD3200U


About the PD3200U

Due to his work as a designer and video creator, Maex states that it is essential to choose the hardware wisely since you have to work with it the whole day. Therefore, he is very happy to use the BenQ PD3200U which has improved his work life with the 32 inch display and the 4K UHD resolution. The designer states that he loves to get an overview about all the aspects of his projects and the BenQ monitor makes it possible. Furthermore, it enables him to show all parts of his 4K footage in 100%.

YouTuber Maex showed the BenQ PD3200U

Next to the size of the monitor, he really likes the design and the connectivity with its DisplayPort, multiple HDMI ports, USB-C ports and SD card slot. Lastly, he says that the colors look amazing due to the IPS panel.



All in all, Maex likes to work with the PD3200U because it simplifies his work life. He states that he appreciates that BenQ collaborates with designers, filmmakers and other creatives to construct a product which fits perfectly to the needs of this audience. Furthermore, he liked that there are a bunch of other features and monitors in the PD-series offering you the possibility to choose a monitor that fits to your needs.

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