Digital Classroom “The White Bride” by Frank Doorhof, 06.03.2019

Digital Classroom BenQ Ambassador Frank Doorhof

BenQ Ambassador Frank Doorhof invites you to join his new episode of the Digital Classroom on March 6th, 3PM CEST. It is a live and interactive online broadcast from his studio in Emmelord. The topic of the live shoot with the model Nadine Stephan is “The White Bride”.

Frank will shoot a bride in traditional white and will explain simultaneously how to make a professional shot that could be used for magazines. Afterwards he will explain how to enhance the white even more as well as how to retouch the skin. In the second setup he will show you how to create a special atmosphere by working with the styling and the light.

If you have any questions, you can talk to Frank and Nadine through the live chat on YouTube or Facebook.

Furthermore, you can send your storytelling pictures to Frank to receive feedback. Just send it to

Date: Wednesday 6th of March, 3 PM CEST

Duration: 2 hours

Fee: NO

Join online: or

Some impressions of Frank Doorhof’s Photography:

Digital Showroom Frank Doorhof

The Digital Classroom is sponsored by BenQ & Rogue.