Digital Classroom “How to photograph your musical instrument” by Frank Doorhof, 17.07.2019

Interactive broadcast with photographer Frank Doorhof

Do not miss out on the new episode of the Digital Classroom by photographer Frank Doorhof on July 17th, 3PM CEST. It is an interactive and free online broadcast from Doorhof’s studio in Emmelord. This episode will focus on photographing musical instruments more specifically guitars.

Therefore, he will show you the different steps into product photography. The first step into product photography is the creation of an idea. Afterwards you will focus on the camera settings, the studio lighting, the background, extra props and the retouch. Thus, Doorhof will guide you through the process providing you with tips and tricks.

You will see Frank Doorhof setting up and metering the lights before taking the shots. Furthermore, you will have a closer look at the retouch through Photoshop with a special focus on the presets and plug ins used to get more special effects.

As always you have the possibility to talk to Frank and his crew through the live chat on YouTube or Facebook.

Additionally, you can send your pictures to receive a critique by Frank Doorhof. Just send them to

Date: Wednesday, July 17th, 3PM CEST

Duration: 2 hours

Fee: NO

Join online: or

Sponsored by BenQ and Rogue.