Digital Classroom “Creative shoot with Small Flash” by Frank Doorhof, 23.01.2019

New Year, new Digital classrooms! The very first Digital Classroom of 2019 by BenQ Ambassador Frank Doorhof will be hosted on January 23rd. As always, his Classroom is live, interactive and free. The topic of this episode is “Creative shoot with Small Flash”.

You will get the chance to see how to take amazing shots with a small flash in small places. You can play with angles to get a striking photo, no need for a big studio. Frank will also show how to retouch the shots. Tune into the Digital Classroom and see the whole workflow from taking the shots to the final retouch with or without plugins.

If any questions occur during the Digital Classroom, you are always free to ask questions in the Facebook or YouTube live chat.

You can send in your story telling pictures to Frank and he will make sure to review and critique them. Send it to


Date: Wednesday 23rd of January 2019, 3PM CEST
Duration: 2 hours
Fee: No
Join online: or

The Digital Classroom is sponsored by BenQ & Rogue.